Want to be a virtual part of the DECOM Ceremony?

The skipper wants to hear from you


Captain Christopher Lindberg, Commanding Officer of the USS Bremerton SSN-698, in his personal effort to connect with USS Bremerton alumni residing around the world, wants to hear from you and your desire to attend the DECOM Ceremony on May 18th – VIRTUALLY.

Being the skipper of the longest serving fast attack submarine in the United States Navy,  he more than understands the difficulties that the COVID restrictions have had on both public/alumni access to the ceremony and travel. He is ready to hear from you.

Send your messages up until May 16th

Please send an email letter stating

  1. Your name, rank/rate and brief history of your service onboard Bremerton, and which City/State/Country you plan to be watching from.
  2. Similar details of other shipmates who will be joining with you to help celebrate.
  3. An unclassified anecdote from your experience on the boat that you are willing to share with the CAPT is welcome

Send your introduction to:

email:  bremertonreunion.alumni@gmail.com


please address your letter to CAPT. Chris Lindberg


NOTE: The DECOM Ceremony is scheduled to be held at Keyport, WA, on May 18th, 2021 at 13:00 (PST). Estimated duration of the ceremony is approximately 1 hour.

NOTE: Due to  the Navy’s continuation of its strict COVID regulations, the DECOM ceremony is not open to public or general alumni access.



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3 thoughts on “Want to be a virtual part of the DECOM Ceremony?

  1. It is too bad that the event is not open. Those who have been vaccinated should be given a different consideration. Some are spending thousands of dollars to be at this unique event and I would like to see the command take into consideration those factors and open this up to those of us who are vaccinated.

  2. Hi, I was an MM2 (SS) on the USS BREMERTON from 1985 to 1988. I went on to complete nearly 25 years of Naval service retiring as a Lieutenant Commander and I have to say that “everything I needed to know about the US Navy I learned on BREMERTON!” I live in the Pacific Northwest now and will be virtually attending the decommissioning ceremony at the Horse and Cow.

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