The Decommissioning Ceremony of the USS Bremerton SSN-698, scheduled for Tuesday, May 18th  at 13:00 will be LIVE STREAMED for the reunion alumni to witness in the comfort of the Horse & Cow Pub and Grill in Bremerton, Washington.

Bremerton’s Captain Lindberg exhausted every effort to allow alumni to attend the DECOM ceremony in-person. His long standing battle against the indomitable Navy COVID restrictions have run its course.

Despite the significant loosening of social distancing requirements in the State of Washington, the Navy restrictions, particularly involving active duty personnel, are just plain strict and currently unmoving.

No further delays are possible as responsibility of the Badfish is scheduled to be handed over from the Captain to the shipyard on May 18th, the very day of the Ceremony.

As disappointing as it may be for the alumni of the longest serving submarine in the United States Navy, we as veterans understand the true role of the military and that is to be able to Stand Ready to Defend Our Country.

Life must go on. The fateful day is fast approaching.



Submariners enjoy celebrating

As a post-DECOM event, the Bremerton-Olympic Peninsula Council of the Navy-League is organizing a celebration dinner at the beautiful Kiana Lodge, a popular event venue in a forested area along the waterfront in Poulsbo, Washington. The event will be attended by the hard working Bremerton sailors and is open to 698 alumni attending the DECOM reunion.

Dinner Celebration reservations will be available through this website. Stay tuned for the delicious details.

Groups of 698 Veterans watching the Ceremony from around the world

In recognition of all the Bremerton alumni throughout the nation and the world, Captain Lindberg is inviting alumni near and far, who plan on witnessing DECOM LIVE to send him a note and he would like to make you and your individual alumni gatherings part of the Decommissioning Ceremony with special recognition.

You may submit your regional reunion gathering details to:


and address your letters to CAPT. Christopher Lindberg


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  1. 40 years ago those of us who were there from the jump, at one time or another shared a thought about the day in the future when our boat would be decommissioned. We spoke of our position as “Plankowners” and what it would mean for us. It is a disappointment that fate in the form of the COVID-19 is raining on our parade. None of us are young anymore, we have learned over time things just don’t always go our way. COVID notwithstanding, this “Plankowner” is getting excited just to be able to be in the same room with my shipmates from back in the day. I look forward to the group picture that this good ole boy will treasure for the remainder of my days. See y’all in May.

  2. I second Russ’s thoughts. My time on the Bremerton meant a lot to me. I have a lot of fond memories but also remember the challenges and growth I went through helping me become the person I am today. While the decom will be virtual I’m really looking forward to seeing everyone who joins us and particularly the plankowners I served with. I’ll be there and as Russ said excited to be in the same room with my shipmates from back in the day. I hope everyone still joins us!

  3. I look forward to seeing my shipmates and relive our Pre-commissioning/commissioning crew comradery. New construction was something I took for granted not realizing just how unique our experiences would be. From all the great Nukes on board such as Jeff Johnson, Gary Ball, Tony LaPorta to the “A-gangers” like Mike McGann and “Elmo” Jatko, or to the Neeld Brothers, “CC”, “Gordy” Jennings and Rich “My Cordoba with its rich Corinthian leather” Crombie. These are just a few of those I remember from those days. Our Officers and Goat Locker offered the best in Navy leadership, they would do anything for their shipmates. Captain Anderson’s Soccer team, Admiral Bowmans Flag Football team, and I have no idea who owned the softball team, or the many unofficial cookouts at the “shack” on drawbridge road, these are the times that bonded us together as shipmates. I want to thank the dedicated efforts of our shipmates across the decades who continue to collect and archive those memories for us all to enjoy and to pass down. Regardless of where whether our experiences are decades or years ago, what we did made a difference.

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