Marina Reception Planned for Bremerton’s Arrival

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USS Bremerton SSN 698 in Bremerton May 2012


The imminent arrival of the USS Bremerton (SSN 698), the longest serving active duty submarine in the United States Navy, is attracting local interest in the vessel that is the city’s namesake. Bremerton and the Puget Sound region have a long and distinguished history in support of the Navy with its outstanding shipyard facilities, diverse network of military installations and community support groups.

According to Capt. Alan Beam, USN (ret.), the 3rd CO of the Bremerton and an active supporter of military events in the area, “Normally submarine operations are classified and arrivals are announced only 24-48 hours in advance. Since this is the last arrival and it is at the namesake city, the Navy has released the date 10 days in advance. The usual arrival reception is low key and held on base at the Sam Adams Club, but this is the Bremerton!”

On April 27, Bremerton is expected to arrive at Pier D at NBK Bremerton (Naval Base Kitsap) for an opportunity for family members, former crew members, and other supporters of the Bremerton (for those without base access refer to CONTACT INFO) to experience the living history. Pier D is the furthest west and is capable of handling two aircraft carriers, a special place to receive the Bremerton.

Come and appreciate the Pride of Bremerton, the longest serving active duty submarine in the US Navy while you can still see, feel and experience the mighty warship that has spanned two Cold Wars. She is SSN 698, a deadly lady of the deep, the American Classic, the BadFish, USS Bremerton – “Call on us when you need to sink a ship.” (ref:

CONTACT INFO: To inquire about access to greet the boat at Pier D, CLICK HERE:  (SUBJECT LINE: PIER D ACCESS 698)


It is recommended that the prescreened and authorized welcome party arrive by about 16:00 (4:00 pm) on Friday, April 27th in preparation to welcome the boat when she arrives.


Captain Thomas Anderson (left) and Commander Travis Zettel.



“We have requested that Captain Anderson ride for the last underway,” Capt Beam reports, “and have asked for the Navy Band on the pier.”

Thomas Anderson, Capt. USN (ret.), was the 1st Commanding Officer of the Bremerton. It would be just awesome to be a post-it on the periscope stand, the wardroom, or perhaps, on the bridge while surfaced to hear Skipper Travis Zettel swap sea stories with the Plankowner Captain while the glistening waters caress the Bremerton as she rides over the ocean.



“We want to open the Arrival Reception to the town,” Capt. Beam said, “and have scheduled it for the beautiful third floor Marina Vista Room at the Kitsap Convention Center at Bremerton Harborside, located at the ferry terminal. It will be at 18:00 (6:00 pm) on Monday 30 April.”



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Kitsap Convention Center stand near the ferry terminal

Kitsap Conference Center at
Bremerton Harborside

100 Washington Avenue
Bremerton, WA 98337
Phone 360.377.3785 | Fax 360.415.1054


The young lady’s first visit to Bremerton in 1982 (Photo courtesy of Don Jones).