Central themes in our lives are composed of many pieces…

PEARL HARBOR, Hawaii (Aug. 4, 2015) The Los Angeles-class fast attack submarine USS Bremerton (SSN 698) is underway on routine operations. (U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist 1st Class Steven Khor/Released)

Some parts play a major role, like fulfilling the needs of the Navy serving as a crew-member aboard a submarine, and some parts are small pieces which add to the sum total. A sight, a smell, a voice, or just a word or command, perhaps, can trigger a flood of memories.

On the non-classified side, the songs we listened to form a part of that mind-scape. Unique music and meaningful lyrics can grab you like nothing else and capture the emotions with a sense of being there.

We are building a collections of music, some are American Classics, songs selected by 698 alum that bring them back the wondrous years surrounding their experiences while being a Bremerton sailor. One song per man is allowed and we’re just getting started.

Click on the big adult brown liquid beverage or click this link,( There you can click on some of your BremertonShipmates’ choices and listen to the music.

Courtesy of RMCS/SS Don Jones, 698 Plankowner

Request for more music submissions

If you are an alumni of the American Classic, the BadFish, USS Bremerton SSN 698, and you have not already submitted your song, you may take part by leaving a comment with your rank/rate, years served on the 698, and your ONE musical selection. If you can provide a you-tube link (one without advertisement if possible) that would be appreciated. You may also include a brief note to be posted with your selection.



Join the Movement. Are you passionate about preserving the USS Bremerton in any way shape or form? Do you wish to be involved before, during and after her decommissioning in whatever works are needed to establish the memory of 698 for the benefit of the public and of naval history? You are invited to a new closed group forum on Facebook “SaveThe698” to be involved in public discussion related to Saving 698. You can see the group site by clicking HERE.

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