Who is the Silent Service?

“From December 7, 1941, until the end of the war, our undersea fleet operated in strictest secrecy, which resulted in the well-deserved sobriquet – the “Silent Service.”  Concealment of results of submarine operations was intended to keep from the enemy knowledge of what we were doing, how it was accomplished, and who was responsible. Consequently, it was not until the end of the war that the full extent of our submarine campaign became known to the people of the United States. Only recently has it been appreciated that although we never had as many submarines as the Germans, ship for ship and man for man the United States Submarine Force was the more effective.”

-From  “Submarine!” by then Commander Edward L. Beach, U.S.N. (first published June , 1952).



My shipmates and I served as submariners in the US Navy, and I presume, like virtually all other sailors who served as navy submariners carry on the some of these essential tenets as described by Captain Beach.

Things have changed since WWII in a public way, as unlike 1941, modern sub sailors wear and publicly present our twin dolphin insignia of being a qualified submariner with a sense of pride for our quiet contributions in the service of our country.

Especially with the advent of internet and social media, the post Cold War strategy of the Navy often appears to have become as much a battle for public opinion as anything else.

However, even though for myself and my contemporaries whose active duty time took place over 30 years ago, we still do not publicly disclose “what we did” in the Cold War.


Because of this silence, it is with particular gratitude and a sense of relief we can recognize the contributions of our World War II submariner brethren. Why? Their license for “unrestricted warfare” against a declared enemy and their exploits are, for the most part, no longer secret and have not been for a long time.  The U.S. Navy submarine sailors’ masterful pioneering of one of the most complex and technologically advanced machines ever built is a marvel of human spirit, endurance and intelligence in the crisis and tragedy of war. The ultimate sacrifices of the over 3500 submarine sailors and 52 U.S. Navy submarines on eternal patrol reaches the soul of every submariner.


In a full circled awareness extending from our own service, acknowledging our place in the progression of time among the pioneers and legends, imbues within us a meaning greater than ourselves, the commands we served under and the submarines we served in. This recognition is in synergy with the loyalty developed in serving together with our shipmates and a common bond that stretches through time due to the unique nature of the submarine service.

USS Bremerton SSN 698 on her final voyage as she approaches Bremerton , Washington. April 2018. (image source king5.com)





As a benefit of our service as Bremertonsailors, we have an opportunity to help with the funding of the work involved with an important submarine landmark as well as to secure some recognition for our boat.

The museum is at Pearl Harbor, the long time homeport of theUSS Bremerton SSN698 (the BadFish, the “American Classic”). SSN-698 is a descendent of the Navy’s Pacific Fleet submarine community.

We have a special connection to the Pacific Fleet Submarine Museum, as I am proud to help support the efforts of my shipmate who was my weapons officer on the Bremerton, Chuck Merkel.  Later in his career, Chuck served as the Commanding Officer of the USS Key West SSN 722 (2000-2003)Captain Merkel, now retired, serves as the Executive Director of the Bowfin Memorial and is overseeing the amazing changes taking place to transform the popular attraction to the Pacific Fleet Submarine Museum.

While there are innumerable organizations to support, I have an affinity to support my shipmate and his cause, while at the same time contributing to our legacy in history in the name of the boat who many of us called our home away from home.

The Pacific Fleet Submarine Museum’s mission is to educate the public of not only the World War II exploits of the Silent Service, but to further develop the Bowfin Memorial Park facilities to incorporate a more comprehensive look at what submarining in the United States Navy is all about.


I invite you to join our group of shipmate donors to make a push the last week of 2019 in effort to reach $10,000 as our current total is $3200. Nothing is impossible if everyone pitches together, small and large amounts welcome.




Just FYI, the museum increments donations and pledges counting towards the INSIDE at 10K, 25K, 50K, 100K, and 250K.


Support the Pacific Fleet Submarine Museum

Don’t miss the opportunity to support the legacy of the Silent Service while providing recognition of SSN-698with a tax-deductible gift. It’s a twofer. Make your donation before January 1st 2020 in our effort to achieve special honors for USS BremertonSSN 698. Donations of any amount are welcome!


SPEC DEAL THRU CHRISTMAS 2019: Mention “DiverDaveDunn” along with “USS BREMERTON” and/or “SSN 698” in your donation to the museum by Christmas 2019 and Diver Dave Dunn will double your donation of $50 or less by contributing a matching amount toward the group fund.

SPEC DEAL THRU JANUARY 1st, 2020: Mention your affiliation with “USS Bremerton” and/or “SSN 698” and I will match up to $50 of your donation towards the 698 Group donation by January 1st, 2020.

BE THE LARGEST 698 DONOR BY JANUARY 1st, 2020: Receive a complimentary bottle of ANGEL’s ENVY – KENTUCKY STRAIGHT BOURBON.

The museum is involved in a substantial and exciting new revitalization of their facility to help better educate the public about the Silent Service. As alumni of the Bremertonwe have an opportunity to help make an impact as well as driving at achieving special sponsorship status and recognition with respect to USS Bremerton SSN-698. Please click on the link/image of the Bowfin below for more information.

All donations are made through the Bowfin.org websiteand go directly to their renovation and expansion efforts. Corporate sponsors welcome.



Captain Wes Bringham dub-honors 698

as the “American Classic”

Go to this link for the story and video. or click on the image

CDR Wes Bringham and the famous O’Kane cribbage board.




USS Bremerton, the most senior not yet de-commissioned submarine in the United States Navy, is currently at Puget Sound Naval Shipyard preparing for her date with destiny. Decom ceremony and reunion in Bremerton are tentatively scheduled for Spring of 2021, that puts BadFish on course for a 40 year run.

Cheers – from RMCS(SS) Don Jones, Plankowner, SSN698



Join the Movement. Are you passionate about preserving the USS Bremerton in any way shape or form after her decommissioning for the benefit of the public and of naval history? You are invited to a new closed group forum on Facebook “SaveThe698” to be involved in public discussion related to Saving 698. You can see the group site by clicking HERE.

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