Washington State COVID Phase by County


698 Shipmates want to know “How is Washington State, particularly Kitsap County doing in regards to COVID phase?”


IMPORTANT UPDATE: MAY 4, 2021. Governor of Washington pauses any change to COVID phases for 2 weeks due to most recent indications that recent wave has passed a plateau and appears to be receding. This means that no changes are expected prior to the Bremerton’s DECOM date.




Here is a State Gov. reference:


KITSAP, currently being in Phase 3 (green), allows for greater capacity in public places than in Phase 2 (yellow).

Next official trend update is May 3rd, 2021. State and County agencies monitor changes by the day.

Please see government sources for the latest information.

This map represents the county status as of April 16th, 2021 The next official assessment is May 3rd (as of the time of this post). Please go to link to see the latest government assessment. (source: https://coronavirus.wa.gov/what-you-need-know/roadmap-recovery-metrics)


FYI, the Cities of Bremerton and Poulsbo are in KITSAP COUNTY.


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