Let’s meet in 33 years

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Inspired by a quip by shipmate Rich Crombie at the USS Bremerton Last Tour Reunion Dinner.


Photo Left: 1985 – Petty Officer Yee agrees to work with Cmdr. A.R. Beam, Commanding Officer of the USS Bremerton, 33 years in the future to organize a reunion and tour.        Photo Right:2018 – Challen Yee and Captain Alan Beam standing by the Navy Museum at Puget Sound Naval Shipyard (USS Parche Sail Monument) the tour pickup location of the Final Tour of the USS Bremerton (28 May 2018).


Pierside – Pearl Harbor 1985

A clairvoyant interlude during an all hands muster:

Cmdr. A.R. Beam: “Petty Officer Yee, you and I are going to have to organize a tour of the boat during a reunion in Bremerton when the boat Decommissions.”

Petty Officer C.K. Yee, “Is this happening any time soon, sir?”

Cmdr. Beam, “33 years from now in 2018. Oh, and by the way, Captain Anderson will win the Grand Raffle Prize at the dinner.”

Petty Officer Yee, “Yes, sir.” Then after a moment pause, “Sir, uh… how do you know this?”

Cmdr. Beam, “That we need to organize a reunion or that the boat will Decommission in 2018?”

Petty Officer Yee, “Sir, how do you know that Captain Anderson wins the Grand Raffle Prize.”

Cmdr. Beam, “There’s nothing we need to worry about there, that’ll just happen, but I assure you, the rest will _not_ be so easy.”






P.S.  There’s a difference between something (i.e. this raffle drawing) happening by fate and happening by the hand of man. This was not by the hand of man and that’s what makes it very cool.


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